Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Poem

Man's essential pride
Seems to make him feel that the spot of the earth
Where he was born, learned to eat, sleep,
Speak, and think,
Was God's natural habitat,
And that to venture into another location
Or country,
Or, God forbid, another culture or social system,
Is to be in danger of entering the devil's territory.

But how exiting it is,
Once awakened to an awareness
Of the life of God within,
To look into the eyes of people
In the remotest corner of the world
And discover that there is no remote corners,
That all points are equideistant from center,
And to find oneself
Staring back at oneself,
Mirrors of this force of God
Called life.

Looking at people like that
Almost puts the devil out of business.

Faces of God (p. 94) by Gordon and Gladis DePree

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Matt D said...

A beautiful poem,
thank you for sharing it!