Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Behind the Altar as I removed the cover of the flagon to pour the wine into the chalice I noticed a little spider chilling on the spout. I looked at it briefly debating:
1. How to pour the wine without getting the spider in the chalice.
2. How not get the spider on me.

I realize the logical conclusion would be to smash the spider and again two thoughts:
1. I really don’t like spiders and am a little freaked out to kill them… if I had gathered the courage it would have included a little shriek that I’m pretty sure would have distracted the worshiping community.
2. There just seemed to be something wrong with killing a little spider at the Lord’s Table. I like to preach that all are welcome…

I did manage to not kill the spider and serve communion to the gathered congregation. However, in the midst of this the spider moved its way to my worship book. This is the book I carry with me during the service. I watched the spider closely as I held the book. I didn’t want to miss any move otherwise it might have ended up on me and a shriek – followed by some jumping and hitting myself would likely follow.

The spider and I made it through the rest of the service together sharing my book and trust me I knew where that spider was at all times.

In truth, I wish I spent that much focus and time paying attention to how God is at work in my life and in the world around me. So for this new church and calendar year, I give thanks for that spider who has inspired me to watch more attentively to the Spirits movement.

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